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On-demand product development: web or mobile

How It Works

How It Works

Select Team Size

Teams are built with 2 developers/designers and one project manager.

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Let our client manager know your requirements.

Pay And Go

Pay; work starts immediately.

The process for development has never been simpler. All we need to get started is your desired team size and project requirement. We assign a team that begins work immediately following payment. Who knew development could be so easy?

Why Us


Work starts immediately, with progress in 24-48 hrs.


Throttle up or down; cancel anytime.

Peace of Mind

Speed and flexibility give you the peace of mind.

Shepherd maintains a pool of the top 10% of designers, developers and project managers. You get daily deliverables via a source code repository. You have transparency into the development process, unlike any other service. You pay as you go and do not have to commit to completing an entire project. With Shepherd, you don’t have the project worries currently plaguing product managers.


Jeremy Schrage

CEO & Co-Founder

Amazon, Qualcomm, GoFastCab

Edward Shenderovich


Knotel, Kite Ventures, Quantum Art

Amol Sarva


Peek, Virgin Mobile, Halo NeuroScience,Knotel

Past Projects


For a complete team of three made up of developers, designers, and project manager.
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